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Tuna & Cheese Pasta Bake

easy healthy dinner recipes


25 Mins


Serves 2



Easy Healthy Dinner Recipes With So Many Unique Spins & Styles!

One of the easiest of all recipes, but yet one of the most satisfying… Pasta bakes are a great way to fill the plate up.

Add it with other foods or just have it with a small salad, this is a great way to make a meal and then store some for later or have it for lunch the next day!

This Tuna & Cheese is an easy recipe and will leave you feeling full for hours and want you to make more easy healthy dinner recipes.

How To Cook This Easy Healthy Dinner Recipe!


250g Pasta (maybe more depending on appetite).

Two or even Three cans of fresh Tuna (in sunflower oil).

One block of Cheese (medium size & the stronger the taste the less the cheese will taste rubbery after being baked).

Dried Thyme (or natural fresh thyme).

One chopped Onion.

One pasta bake sauce (optional – this recipe will focus on not using a jar of sauce but feel free to add this or compensate with more tuna and cheese).


  1. Boil the pasta, a good trick to speed this process up is to boil the cold water in the kettle then apply the boil water onto the pasta so you hit the ground running! this should take 10 mins.
  2. Preheat the oven slowly, Grate cheese keep separate.
  3. Apply the Tuna, Onion, Thyme and any other herbs you want to add to a bowl and stir together, wait for pasta to finish boiling.
  4. Drain pasta and apply into the bowl with the rest of the contents and mix all together.
  5. Apply the contents into a baking dish evenly, now apply the cheese gratings on the top, adding any herbs or seasoning to melt into the cheese during baking.
  6. Let the cheese on the top melt and go crispy brown with all the seasoning melted in!
  7. You are now ready to eat your easy healthy dinner recipe.
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