Easy Healthy Summer Recipes

Salmon Strips & Summer Salad Recipe

easy healthy summer recipes


10 Mins


Serves 2



A Fast, Filling Recipe With A Mixture of Salmon, Cheese & Fresh Salad.

Great for those hot, humid days! Quick and light yet filling and full of vitamins and protein.

Applying the vinegar with the salmon helps bring out the flavor and the avocados give the salad more texture with the added olive oil.

Perfect on the go and great with a jacket potato, this is a great meal for people who need something to eat before a workout or a day out.

Prepare Easy Healthy Summer Recipes With A Salmon Twist Below!


5 Thin Salmon Strips or Packet (Ready To Eat, Quicker!).

One teaspoon of vinegar.

One Lettuce.

One Packet of Cherry Tomatoes.

One Avocado

One Cucumber.

1/2 of One Onion

Add any other salad vegetables you would enjoy!

Goats Cheese Cubes

One Teaspoon Olive Oil


  1. Cut the salad vegetables into pieces and put into a bowl, add the small amount of olive oil and goats cheese cubes, then mix together.
  2. Create a bed of salad and apply the salmon strips on top.
  3. Sprinkle the vinegar onto the salmon.
  4. Enjoy your easy healthy summer recipe!

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